Twitter Announces New Version of TweetDeck, Which Will Soon Become a Twitter Blue Exclusive

Twitter has announced that TweetDeck will soon be a Twitter Blue exclusive, meaning that users of its native tweet management platform will soon have to pay up to keep scheduling their tweets via the app.

As Twitter notes, a new version of TweetDeck is now available, which includes several minor updates on the TweetDeck Preview that it launched back in July 2021.
The new elements include:
An updated tweet composer which includes all tweet functionality, including GIFs, polls, etc, all in tweets that can be scheduled Improved Advanced search filters The option to sort your TweetDeck columns into ‘Top Tweets’ or ‘Latest Tweets’ Video Docking, so you can watch a video while performing other functions So nothing major, in terms of functional advancements, but there are some handy elements being added in, which will make TweetDeck a little more appealing.